Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dolly Gyaru Purikura

Why Japanese can be so fashionable like Gyaru but we can't do it in here?
How i wish here can snow but not hot like you will melt when you walk out the street there.
Before you melt your make up melt first.
When you dress up dolly people will start staring at you, hate this kind of feeling. Don't you think if your whole life just spending like a NORMAL person and never be a CHIO BU before is like wasted your life. Then what's the problem from making myself pretty and im happy with it.

When to Genting on 1 Jan 2012 is like freaking lot of PEOPLES!
Taking bus from 1 Utama then take cable car up took us nearly 1 hour. The longest and boring part is queing up for the cable car and there are some UNCIVILIZED creature start to have a stupid fight just for look at each other beh song. =-=
Never Stay at Theme park hotel before but still ok to have a try it just that you will keep hearing people yelling voice below the theme park. It cost 158 per night so is still affordable.
I wonder why is the purikura machine is DEAD in Malaysia! Y Y Y ! Izit no people interested for taking it ? The answer remain --- So the main purpose going Genting is to take purikura LOL! crazy. The price part is more crazy rm 38 ... so money just fly.

Some chio picture taken with migu sama <3 We promise to take purikura for the rest of our life lol

There our dolly gyaru style purikura lol <3
Haven't try to take purikura before ? Go for a try, of course with chio makeup please .

Sunday, November 6, 2011

i wan a digital camera ~

A glimpse of it and i fall in love with it.
Who im talking about? is .....................

Digital IXUS 1100 HS in RED !
$529 =-= aw~ when will it drop price.
Is pretty no matter the price or the cam LOL~

Still haven't prepare for my Hong Kong trip on feb.
got no idea what should i pack up. oh no! i not even get my luggage bag.
Well ~ all is about the money. money money money ~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Product family

All this product is when i shopping alone, turn out I BOUGHT .......

My Beatiful Dairy
Bobby Brown
The Face Shop

Keep on buying and can't finish use =p

Sunday, February 20, 2011


YOz~ i screw up my blog so now try to fix it up and those friend link are all gone, aw~~~ hate this gonna get u all back soon! currently work.i.n.g.

I MISS YOU MIGU SAMA ! * wave wave
and im coming to find you sooN~~ THIS MARCH !
hope can get leave on 5 march -8 march ~

Planing to get a Handphone but still configuring which one to buy. Mostly i will get a Sony Ericsson i guess LOL~

HAving a bad lifestyle, then i got boom! by pimples. Forehead, chin most serious as always =-= and nose a BIG ONE OMG! so i don't feel going any where but still need working. Working is my most ugly moment LOL.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nothing new

Start working save money, continue my further study etc.
Lots of things to do but lack of time and money.
Life start getting hard when we come out to society. Time keep going without waiting us, but i just feel it pass too slow sometimes. I cant't imagine if i'm working in Malaysia and the currency are so low now but lucky is i work in Singapore now. How long would it be for my working i really can't give a good answer. There are still few step for me to moving forward another journey. I like the life which keep on travel around at a place for 1 or 2 years then i move on. Then i won't feel so bored. Feel so empty inside of me but i don't i lack of what. Money? Love? Passion?
This year is time to end soon, i guess next year will be better.
I should get a broadband so that i can online when i want to but don't feel like spending money maybe is my own hard earn money LOL.
When can i become a BILLIONAIRE !!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

[HD] After School - Because of You MV / 애프터스쿨 - 너 때문에 뮤직비디오

nice song !!


yeah tmr is sunday so i can stay up lat a bit, actually today back from work not feeling well then slp but slp too much turn up now can't slp lol. Lucky tmr is sunday, no work. Feel heartburn gastric like tat then dizzy dono izit i ate something wrong or what, this is bad. One more week plus gonna get my pay, can't wait to get to that day but it is also sad that my colleague gonna back her hometown d then i will be alone working so stress omg i scare i can't handle the work. PRAY! PRAY ! PRAY! everything to be fine! Was looking at the hand phone then thinking should i get a new hp that can online, but not so soon la need save some money. Wait next year i guess, wait new model out and price drop. iphone 4 gonna say bye bye next year lol. Nokia N8 looks like not bad. thinking..... /.\|||